Leadership Empowerment for Superintendents

 Leadership Empowerment for Superintendents
March 13-15th, 2019 | Chicago, CA | THE VENUE NAME

July 17-19th, 2019 | Chicago, IL | Conrad Chicago

5:30pm Wednesday to 1:00pm Friday
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An invitation-only event for Thoughtexchange education leadership partners and their nominated guests. (Registration fees waived for qualified attendees.)

Attendance is limited to the first 50 registrations.

An innovative, collaborative, and exciting leadership development event in beautiful Chicago, IL!

I have been attending Professional Development opportunities for two decades and this Thoughtexchange event was the first one that had me so engaged that I attended every session that was made available. I left feeling inspired to implement change and motivate my team of administrators to push our collective limits
Michael Richard
Superintendent at West Springfield SD, MA

What to expect

This is a new kind of leadership development event, which leverages Thoughtexchange's unique community intelligence software to create the most relevant, engaging and highest value leadership conversations possible.

100% of ...

program activities and outcomes are driven directly by those in attendance. This approach is revolutionary in its ability to deliver specific and actionable insights from peers who have already been, or are currently, in your shoes.

attendee time is focused on collaborative, peer-to-peer interaction to ensure that program content is integrated, amplified, and acted upon.

solutions partners at the event are committed to interest-based programming and participation based on transparency of interests and an expectation to create value for everyone involved.

Four components will make this event unlike any other leadership summit you have ever attended:

5 Minutes of Fame

Learn about innovative leadership initiatives from around North America. In short, powerful “5 Minutes of Fame" sessions you will learn about next generation leadership initiatives.
Learn more and apply.

Impact Solution Sessions

Collaborate with education solution partners.
These interactive sessions will allow you to learn about new education solutions while shaping the direction of innovative education organizations.

townALL Discussions

Create the exact roundtable conversations you need to have with other leaders so you can make progress in your district. Using Thoughtexchange live we will establish collaborative discussion sessions based on the highest priority topics.

Actionable Results

All collaborative sessions are captured, compiled into specific and actionable results and delivered to each attendee after the event.


We promise just enough twists and turns to keep everyone on their toes to ensure this is an event that will become one of the most important dates on your calendar.

I walked away with great ideas that I can use. Amazing ideas and really meaningful authentic discussions on leadership, operationalizing and implementation of strategic priorities. Great people and great food!
Lisa Millar
Director of Education at Durham District School Board

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