Massachusetts Early College Colloquium

Drive the future of Early College initiatives in New England and beyond at this invitation-only meeting of key leaders.


Drive the future of Early College initiatives in New England and beyond at this invitation-only meeting of key leaders.
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Dec 13th, 2018 1-5:30PM | Boston, MA | Boston Marriott Copley Place

An invitation-only event for the most prominent Early College thought leaders in New England.

Attendance is limited. Request an invitation above.

Event Highlights

  • Learn how to engage all stakeholders effectively to advance Early College programs and generate momentum for greater learning and success.
  • Discover dual and concurrent enrollment best practices.
  • Build Early College career pathways.
  • Forge strategic partnerships among school districts and campuses.

  • Gain insights into effective leadership empowerment.

  • Program includes lunch and closing networking reception.
Join us for this innovative and collaborative leadership discussion in beautiful and historic Boston.

What to expect

Network, collaborate, and learn from K12 and higher education leaders--superintendents, presidents, provosts, and Massachusetts education luminaries--so that together we can push Early College initiatives in New England to the next level, opening doors of opportunity to more students, with more effectiveness, sooner rather than later.

At Thoughtexchange Events 100% of ...

program activities and outcomes are driven directly by those in attendance. This approach is revolutionary in its ability to deliver specific and actionable insights from peers who have already been, or are currently, in your shoes.

attendee time is focused on collaborative, peer-to-peer interaction to ensure that program content is integrated, amplified, and acted upon.

solutions partners at the event are committed to interest-based programming and participation based on transparency of interests and an expectation to create value for everyone involved.

These components will make this an event unlike other education leadership events you have ever attended:

Actionable Results

All collaborative sessions are captured, compiled into specific and actionable results and delivered to each attendee after the event.

Impact Solution Sessions

Collaborate with solution partners in real-time to learn about new approaches, while shaping the direction of innovative, fast-growing, visionary companies.


We promise just enough twists and turns to keep everyone on their toes to ensure this event becomes one of the most important dates on your calendar.

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