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Bringing together leaders and brands that are re-imagining organizational excellence.

November 5th, 2019 | Toronto, ON | Pantages Hotel8:30 AM - 3:00 PM (with Te Happy Hour to follow)

The Transformative
Leadership Experience

Through our work with thousands of leaders and some of the biggest brands, we’ve learned that many leaders want to do the right thing for their teams and organizations. The challenge is in knowing how to get started.


“What kind of questions should I be asking?”

“How can I create an inclusive workplace that’s also agile and quick to execute?”

“How do I build trust within my team?”

It’s these questions that inspired TRANSFORM.

Our Promise

TRANSFORM has helped hundreds of leaders grow by connecting them directly with their peers to talk about the big challenges and big questions facing them today.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the stories of pro athletes, celebrities, and musicians. But once their thirty-minute keynote is over and it’s game time, how do you put their words into immediate action in your day-to-day leadership practice?

Join us for a special pre-summit workshop with FranklinCovey:

The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership
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Features speakers with advice and insights that you can apply to your leadership practice right away.

Offers a two-way dialogue with these leaders. Studies have shown that engaging and interacting are the best drivers of learning and retention – you won’t find any “sit and get” material at TRANSFORM.

Encourages interacting and networking with the people you meet. This is your event.

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, TRANSFORM will be the most relevant and impactful leadership experience you'll ever attend. It’s an active learning experience like no other.



At TRANSFORM, you’ll have direct influence over your learning experience. With the Thoughtexchange software platform, you’ll have the chance to share and rate the questions, thoughts, and solutions of attendees, giving you a say in what’s most important to talk about. No two TRANSFORM agendas are ever the same.


Who should attend?

CEOs, CXOs, Sales Innovators, HR Leaders and other senior executives who are leading cultural transformation and organizational change.


"TRANSFORM was amazing, I really appreciated the way the day was structured to include a lot of collaboration. There were many opportunities for meaningful conversations to take place and inspiring speakers...

It’s a place where people can have a really good dialogue, work through problems and come up with solutions."

- Kristen Harcourt
Executive Coach
and Speaker

Who to expect


Anil Samuel

Senior Director,
Talent Development

Sarah Holywell

Senior Manager,
Enterprise Learning
Allstate Insurance Company

Tim Magwood

Co-founder and Partner

Karen Craggs-Milne

Founder & CEO
Conscious Equality Incorporated

Cory Cooper

Vice President, Human Resources (East Region)
Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Rodney Mano

Senior Director, Human Resources
Spin Master Ltd.

Dessalen Wood

Chief People Officer
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What to expect

At Thoughtexchange Events 100% of ...

At Thoughtexchange Events 100% of ...

program activities and outcomes are driven directly by those in attendance. This approach is revolutionary in its ability to deliver specific and actionable insights from peers who have already been, or are currently, in your shoes.

attendee time is focused on collaborative, peer-to-peer interaction to ensure that program content is integrated, amplified, and acted upon.

solution partners at the event are committed to interest-based programming and participation based on transparency of interests and an expectation to create value for everyone involved.

4 ways TRANSFORM is changing leadership learning:

5 Minutes of Fame

Learn about innovations, successes, and learnings from your peers in these short, powerful sessions.

Solution Sessions

These interactive sessions let you learn from others while exploring challenges, key resources and actionable takeaways.

townALL Discussions

Engage in the exact conversations you need to make progress on your biggest business problems. Using Thoughtexchange live, we’ll create collaborative sessions based on the most important topics.

Actionable Results

All collaborative sessions are designed directly by attendees to ensure relevant and actionable results. We’ll share a microsite with key topics and takeaways with everyone after the event.


We promise just enough twists and turns to keep everyone on their toes, to ensure this event becomes one of the most important dates on your calendar

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